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Fitness Equipment

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes (also called stationary bikes) provide an excellent, impact-free, seated workout that engages the large muscles of the lower body and your heart and lungs for a solid aerobic workout and efficient fat burning. They're a great choice for your home whether you're a cyclist planning to supplement your outdoor riding, a runner that wants an impact-free, cross-training option, or you're just looking for a fun and effective exercise to increase your activity level.

Exercise bikes are easy to use, require little or no learning curve and are gentle on your joints. All these things make them a safe choice for your home. And, with so many styles available, there's certainly a bike for you.

The vast majority feature a compact frame and transport wheels (so they're easy to move). You'll also find a number of machines that are self-power generated, meaning that they require no external power source. Plus, most high-quality stationary bikes make little noise. Any or all of these features make it quite easy to incorporate an exercise bike into almost any room in your home.

If you own a regular bicycle, you also have the option of purchasing an indoor trainer or rollers instead of an exercise bike. Then, you can place your bike on the trainer or rollers and ride indoors. For the purposes of this article, however, we focus exclusively on your exercise-bike options.

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Elliptical Trainers

Do you need an outstanding aerobic exercise machine for your home? Are you looking for an important weight-bearing exercise for your bones, but want to avoid impact? And do you want a machine you can use every day to efficiently burn through calories and fat?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’re ready for a high-quality elliptical trainer.

Elliptical trainers allow you to perform a standing exercise that offers a large, elliptical range of motion similar to walking, running or stair climbing, but without any impact. You'll find elliptical trainers featuring moving handles for your upper body, exclusively lower-body motion, adjustable incline, adjustable stride length and more.

A common characteristic with high-quality elliptical trainers is a relatively low perceived exertion, which usually means that the elliptical motion is so smooth that the workout feels easier than the true intensity would normally dictate. Many users find that these mentally easier workouts encourage them to exercise longer, and combined with the positive results, this helps them work out more consistently.

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If you want an amazing aerobic workout in the comfort of your home, a treadmill is a fantastic choice. Walking, jogging and running on a treadmill can deliver impressive cardiovascular improvement, effective weight-bearing exercise for your bones, top-notch toning for your legs and a great way to burn calories and fat.

And you've chosen the ideal time to shop for a new treadmill for your home. These days, manufacturers are offering a wide range of user-friendly treadmills in varying price points, all designed to offer you a high-quality treadmill with the features you want and need.

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