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Introduction and History

A Message from the Owner

An Introduction to Illinois Cycle & Fitness, Inc.

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We are dedicated to an age old tradition of providing quality products and service for all our customers. We are determined to supply the best products and services in the markets we serve.

Our clients’ families are very important to us. Our team customer service helps us to reach our goal of finding the right solution specific to each client’s needs. Our staff includes bike mechanics and connoisseurs, fitness specialists, and experts in motorcycles and scooters; through team work we strive for excellence in each of our customer interactions.

Our Purpose

Illinois Cycle & Fitness, Inc.’s mission is to provide our customers with the best possible experience in the markets we serve. This mission drives us to not only seek out superior products and employees, and back them with unmatched training and customer service. Our associates are trained with a total team concept providing everyone with the ability needed to solve a customer’s issue in the most effective manner possible.

Over 130 Years of History...

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Illinois Cycle and Fitness was founded in 1873 when the Voss Bros. purchased the bicycle division of the Duryea Automobile Corp. In the early days the Voss Bros. manufactured their own bikes in their shop on SW Adams Street. As the business grew it became evident they would not be able to produce enough bikes to meet customer demand so an alternative supply of bikes was sought out. The Voss Bros. search ended in Chicago with the Schwinn Bicycle Co. which was just coming into it’s own as a major bicycle manufacturer. Voss Bros. enjoyed much success distributing Schwinn bicycles in the Central Illinois market and this partnership has lasted over 100 years with Illinois Cycle and Fitness being one of the oldest authorized Schwinn dealers in the country.

By the mid 1950s the Voss family was ready to move on and sell the business and as fate would have it the Vice President of Schwinn Bicycle Co.’s son –in-law was just leaving the army after the Korean War and was looking to start a new career. Joe Bousky’s independent spirit and the Voss Bros. business proved to be a perfect match so a deal was struck and Joe Bousky became the proud owner of a piece of bicycle history. Under the leadership of Joe Bousky, Illinois Cycle grew into one of the largest bike shops in the country with 3 stores selling 7700 bike in one year. The tough economic times of the early 80’s required the consolidation back into one store. In 1994 Joe Bousky decided to retire and sold Illinois Cycle to his son John. John Bousky has continued the stores proud tradition of providing the best possible products and services to his customers.

Today, Illinois Cycle and Fitness has diversified into Fitness Equipment and Motor Scooters as well as Bicycles. This diversification has created a wider customer base and less seasonal business cycle allowing Illinois Cycle to continue it’s proud tradition of serving the Central Illinois recreation community.


John Bousky 

Owner of Illinois Cycle & Fitness

Illinois Cycle & Fitness staff

1920 Image from the Peoria Historical Society Image Collection (Bradley University)

Interior of Voss Brothers' Bicycle Shop in Peoria, ILInterior of Voss Brothers' Bicycle Shop in Peoria, IL. Motorcycles are in the back of the store with the bicycles in front. The display counters show bike accessories like handlebars and seats. A woman is sitting at a desk in the back. On the back wall is an advertisement for Goodrich Bicycle Tires. A banner is on the right with reasons to ride a bicycle with "For Health" and "For Economy" being two of them. The floor has skidmarks from the bike tires. A negative is taped to the back of the image.


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